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Would You Rather Questions

How’s it go guys welcome to Natty Boh Bottlecap

Nice! Why don’t you ask you guys a question basically if you can choose the 10 Hardest Would You Rather Questions.

What would they be because today I’m going to be answering what it seems to be the ten hardest Would You Rather Questions.

It gives me two options and has to choose between one I only get to choose one there is no in-between there are no loopholes.

These are the hardest choices ever. Basically, I’m gonna have to choose the hardest choices I don’t know I feel like this is gonna make me pissed like I’m pretty much gonna get mad over this.

But without further ado let’s get right into it I’m excited yeah I’m excited to make stupid choices between two things are very important why would I be excited I don’t know count how many times you choose a and how many times you choose B alright let’s do this I’m ready.

10 Hardest WOuld You Rather Questions1

1. Would you rather find your true love or receive a hundred million dollars?
I would have to say what is the point of having a hundred million dollars if you can’t share it with someone you love? Are your true love 100%? I just say that to be cheesy guys it’s very true that there’s no point to the meaning life if you can’t share experiences with people and that’s like honestly, it has to be my first answer.

2. would you rather legally change your last name to Hitler or never eat chocolate again? 
Oh my god! Oh, my god! you cannot make me choose between chocolate and changing my last name to Hitler.

I’ll really get bullied people are gonna say I’m like his grandson are you kidding me?

I’m gonna get oh my god! But it’s chocolate like I get to keep my last name as Hitler and continue to eat chocolate. The thing is and only said chocolate and say sweets so I can still eat other sweets.

It just can’t have chocolate so I think I’d rather have to say never eat chocolate again. Now I cannot live with the last name being Hitler-like I would not be able to live never eat chocolate again my ass you know I’m eating chocolate.

3. Would you rather have no internet or no friends?
Oh, that’s so hard basically you don’t have friends as I said before it like what’s what’s really the point to live like you need to share it with people. But then having no internet oh my god this can’t be happening!

The thing is when you have the internet you can still have online friendships. It’s so hard I would probably have to go with no internet. I’ll just have to go out every single day like think about how bored I’ll be… but if I don’t have the internet, I can’t make youtube videos. What, so I’ve won a one B and then I said have no internet so to ace one B.

4. would you rather have a partner that cheats on?
Your cheat or cheat on your partner ah! What are those basically would you rather be betrayed or beat up a traitor if that’s even a real word I would never be able to live with myself.

If I cheated on my partner so definitely how do they get cheated on? Basically, if you’re getting cheated on what’s the point of being in a relationship with them. If they can’t respect you so yeah I’ve three A’s one B so far I think yeah three is one beat.

5. Would You rather kill yourself to save everyone else or kill everyone else to save your own life?
Obviously, kill me the thing is is it’s ironic because it’s selfish to kill yourself because you’re hurting the people around you that love you but at the same time it’s selfish if you don’t kill yourself in this situation.

Because everyone else drives but what’s the point to live if everyone else dies. You don’t want to be alone like soldier like you don’t want to be by yourself your whole life, so I go with A for a is one meet.

6. Would you rather be sick for the rest of your life or kill five puppies oh my god?

 Oh my god! Oh shit! That’s so hard what if I kill five puppies but because I’m healthy I dedicate my whole life to save puppies on the streets and puppies that are gonna die.

Puppies are sick so even though I kill the five puppies then do I technically kind of get rid of the guilt by helping out other puppies.

Because if I don’t have a choice, I don’t know I feel so cruel I can’t I cannot kill five puppies you know I’ll have to go with.

7. Would You rather watch no TV for a year or eat only mustard for a week?

To be honest, I don’t really watch TV.

I watch videos on the internet, and I don’t really have time for TV off school and stuff so watch no TV for a year would be really easy for me.

8. Would you rather like to know when you are going to die or how you are going to die?

Oh! Wow, you can’t choose you can’t choose when you know how you’re going to die you’re basically trying to prevent it, and when you try to prevent it doesn’t matter because it’s still gonna happen.

That way I would want to know when I die I probably want to know how I’m going to die. Guess I’m taking the bet that it’s gonna be a peaceful death hopefully it’s gonna be the hospital that assuming natural causes.

I basically if I find out how I’m gonna die against the natural cause that’s way easier for me than knowing when I’m gonna die.

I do not want to live day by day knowing the day I’m gonna die that’s terrible I’m gonna go with B things like to be six aids.

9. would you rather be able to predict the future be able to travel back in time?

Oh! Travel back in time I don’t know I want to know what the future holds there’s no point if I already know what’s gonna happen.

I want to do things for the future like everything we do now is for the future so but being able to travel back in time I think that would be really cool all right three B’s and six days I’m guessing.

10. would you rather be able to smell your poop in your nose that nobody else can smell or smell like poop and not know it?

 Ah! No probably smell poop in your nose that nobody else can smell eventually your body gets used to certain odors. So it would get used to the smell, and it would neutralize the smell. That’s why some people don’t know they smell bad their own body order just smells bad, and they don’t even realize it because your body can actually neutralize smell revealed.

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